How To Make Your Own Chicken Coop

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Build A Chicken House
If you are contemplating building a chicken coop, you can follow the steps in this article to help in making your project a success.

How to Build A Chicken House – Design

Look at some existing chicken coop plans to help with ideas, then commence with ideas, then start with a rough you need to layout your coop, and have some colors in mind you would like to use for the walls and roof. Clearly the area surrounding the best chicken coops should be well landscaped to enhance the general appearance of the coop.

Some Factors to take into consideration

You will have to maintain and clean the coop structure so you want to use materials which will allow for an easy cleaning process. The windows in place should be flat, sliding windows to prevent your chickens from roosting on the windows. The floors should be slightly sloped toward the door so you can hose the floor and have the runoff escape the coop without puddling.

When going thru the process of how to build chicken coops you may prepare the construction correctly to protect your chickens from rough weather, potential predators, and theft. First off the grounds the chicken coop is constructed on should be at a relatively high location and well drained to prevent dampness. Making certain the chicken coop has some exposure to the sun will help keep it dry after a rain shower. To protect your chickens from predators, you must bury chicken wire all around the coop about one foot deep to keep them from digging underneath it. The chicken coop should also have doors and sliding windows that may be opened or closed as needed, and they should have correct screening systems in place such as heavy gauge mesh wire that will not break and will keep predators like cats and foxes out should they happen to get past the chicken wire.

Coop Lighting and Ventilation

The walls of the chicken coop should be correctly insulated in cold climates as well. Good lighting will also help your chickens produce better eggs year-round.

Food and Water

Your chicken feeders and waterers should be easily accessible for your chickens but should be placed a little above ground to help keep the coop less messy. Feeders and areas where there is some food build up will have to be intermittently cleaned. Clean water should be provided during the day to help keep the chickens healthy and hydrated.