How To Make Your Own Chicken Coop

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chicken Coop Design Plans is a resource for great chicken coop ideas and the odds are that you will find your chicken house within their set of e-books. Building a Chicken Coop targets a broad audience. They offer multiple sets of plans and they offer them for less than $30. They have small, medium and large chicken houses. We like the double story arc. 

Of course, as chicken coops go, all arcs are double story but we think this double story arc has a unique design. The also offer a portable barn style hen house with a portable chicken run and the large premium coop that holds up to 50 chickens. Now, if you're going to raise 50 chickens, we'd love to hear about it! At 50 eggs a day, you're on the verge of being commercial! Mainly, we just review chicken coop plans for the casual owner but we lover hearing from everyone! is an a great source of free information about chickens and chicken coops. They offer chicken house reviews and they have an interesting composter for sale that they call the biopod. It seems to work perfectly with a coop as the composting is accelerated by the worms and chickens love to eat the worms. 

Chicken Coops are becoming more and more popular as more people are making significant efforts to become more "green" in their day to day lifestyles. The appeal to chickens is that they provide a source of organic eggs and they can make great pets each with their own distinctive personalities. People are looking for an outlet from the day to day rat race and chickens are just one of the ways people are getting back to nature.

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